We love case managers!

Dewey and Despina attend two conferences a year. Why? Just to meet the hard-working people who service consumers all over our beautiful state. And to hand out candy and product samples. Please come up and introduce yourselves. We love seeing the faces of the people we work with and shake their hands!



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Waiver Products
Adult Briefs–Wings, Attends, Prevail
Adult Protective Underwear–Surecare, Attends, Prevail
Baby Diapers–Cuties, Curity
Toddler Training Pants–Wonderpants, Curity
Booster Inserts–Surecare Bladder Control Pads, Curity Maternity Pads (also used by men)
Washcloths (wipes)–Curity (contains even more than the Medicaid required amount)
Miscellaneous Products:Many of the previously waiver-approved miscellaneous products are no longer available through authorization forms, but we are happy to work with you to help find alternative funding options. It may take a few more steps and a little more paperwork, but that’s what we’re here for, to make your job easier and to help the consumers who chose us to find the products that they need.

Wound Care

Nutritional–Boost, Ensure, PediaSure, Glucerna and others
Cleaners & Skincare
Adult Bibs (washable)
Enteral Feeding Supplies
Ostomy Supplies
Wound Care

…and many more

We also sell directly to Disabilities & Special Needs Boards to provide products in bulk directly to their Intermediate Care Facility consumers. For high-quality products with our best possible pricing, we invite you to call us today for a no-obligation quote. 1-80-845-4566.