We can help you find just the right product for your specific needs!

We specialize in nutrition & incontinence products, but we can locate just about any health-related product for your specific needs. Just think of us as your personal shoppers!

It’s all about you and your specific product needs. Incontinence products serve a growing older population, but they also serve younger people with lack of muscle control. Whatever the reason, we welcome your call to discuss your needs. We’ll treat you like family and find just the right product for you or for your loved one.

Incontinence products vary in quality. We offer only high-quality products to fit your needs and to keep you healthy and active. Our main products are Sure Care, Wings, Attends and Prevail.

People often need very little help from an incontinence product or they require a little boost for their adult incontinence briefs. Sometimes, all that’s needed is support at night (in a bed or wheelchair). We can recommend a variety of products such as underpads for the bed or wheelchair, washable & reusable underpads, maternity pads or booster pad inserts (used with or without protective underwear. Whatever the reason, whatever your specific need, we can work with you towards a solution. Take the first step–give us a call today.

Nutritional products can be difficult to pick. We can help. Maybe you need a high protein shake or something you can mix yourself. Perhaps your loved one is diabetic and you need a nutritional drink with no added sugar. Call us to discuss your needs today.